Friday, April 28, 2006

More fish for Nemo

I went and got some more fish for the tank. Nemo seems to enjoy watching them. I feel bad leaving him alone all day while we are at work. He has lots of toys, little balls with bells and rubber mice. He has one of those tracks with the ball inside that he can chase around and he has a feather on a plastic wand. He had a bell tied onto a piece of yarn but he's taken that away someplace and hidden it. The fish give him something he can sit and watch.

Tonight I stopped at PetSmart on the way home from grocery shopping and got 2 Sunset Coral Dwarf Platies, 3 Glo-lite Tetra and 3 Scissortail Rasbora and a few plants. Something called Corkscrew Val, a Rotala and a Cabomba. They look really pretty in the tank and all the new fish seem fine. The danio's are happy to have the company I'm sure.

The other night I went to bed and left the computer on as I always do and when I woke up in the morning I shook the mouse to kill the screensaver and there were about 5 or 6 windows open on my desktop! One was asking for a disk to be inserted, another was my run with a long string of eeeeeeeeeeeeee's in it. He must have danced all over my keyboard! I just hope he didn't download anything.

We've had no more litter box accidents either. He is using the box now and is a very good clean kitty. He tries to bury his food too. Eats his dinner and then stands and scratches the place mat over and over trying to bury the rest of the food. Very cute and very sweet kitten.

The Platy

Platies are a very variable, active and peaceful species. They live in a community tank with some dense vegitation and open water for swimming. Platies live best in a group with at least three males and about twice as many females. Platies are easy to breed, but the babies are smaller than the babies of Mollies or Swordtails, so baby Platies are a little more difficult to raise. Like most livebearers Platies will do better with 1 Tablespoon of Aquarium Salt per 5 gallons of water.

Glo-lite Tetra

The beautiful glo-lite tetra, Hemigrammus erythrozonus, comes from Guyana. Glo-lite tetras grow to about 1.5 inches. The fish is a clear/brown/yellow fish with a large stripe running down the body from the front of the eye, over the top of the eye, down the body, and ending at the beginning of the caudal fin (tail). The stripe is a color that is hard to describe. It is sort of part tangerine, red, orange, and pink! There are a few variants including the albino glowlight tetra which has an orange body and a duller stripe. Its eyes are also orange appearing. Glo-lite tetras are peaceful, schooling fish and very similar to neon tetras.

Scissortail Rasbora

The scissortail rasbora is a peaceful schooling fish that does well in any community aquarium. They prefer being kept in small schools of at least six individuals. These fairly hardy fish enjoy having plenty of open room to swim but do best when ample cover is provided also. Scissortails thrive in, and can be said to prefer, planted tanks. When mature, and in good condition, these fish display a vibrant, silvery sheen and can have irridescent hints of green and purple along their back.

Oh yeah, I forgot I was going to leave the webcam address for the live eagle nest with eggs hatching. Very cool!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Zebra Danio

I got the fish tank set up and today I went and bought 8 Zebra Danio.

Scientific Name: Danio
Adult Size: 2 inches (6 cm)
Social: Peaceful, suitable for community tanks
Lifespan: 5 years
Description:Among the most hardy and active of aquarium fish, the Zebra danio is easily recognized by its distinctive horizontal stripes. The slim compressed silver-gold body sports blue-purple horizontal stripes running from gill to tail.

Their small size, no more than two and half inches, and peaceful nature, make them well suited to a community aquarium. Both sexes have two pairs of barbels and the same stripes, but females are usually larger and more full-bodied than the males.

Albino, veil tailed, and long finned varieties are available, as well as a popular leopard variety. The leopard variety is characterized by a copious sprinkling of black spots over the entire body. All varieties thrive in schools.

They sounded quite hardy and a good fish to try the tank out and make sure it's all ok before I put any other fish in. I went to PetSmart and they were 49 cents each. I also thought it would give Nemo something to look at while we are at work all day. He seemed fasinated with the tank and had already been down on the shelf playing with the pump so when he saw little fish swimming around in there he got very interested.

The litter pan

Nemo is doing great! He is a little bit of a scaredy cat and cries when he can't see us and then when we call him he comes running and then darts under the nearest furniture. He's eating well and that is really the easiest way to catch him. I forgot to ask the lady how old he is but I wouldn't put him any more than 8 weeks if that. He is very tiny and even though I got him kitten chow along with cans of wet food, I am not sure he can manage the kitten chow yet.

When I got him a litter box and litter, Lynne said she found the best litter to be the pine pellets I think they are. So I got that along with a litter box that has a screen in it. 4 pieces that fit into one another and you put the screen part on top, pour in the litter and then when you need to change it you just lift the screen out and the lumps come with it. Works very well from what I can tell so far. When we got home with the litter box and other assorted kitty paraphernalia I ended up putting the kitty pan in the main bathroom because at that point he had taken up residence under Ryan's bed and would venture out into the room to play with a few things or to yell for help so I thought that would be the closest for him.

By that evening I had managed to get him into my room and we shut the door on Ryan's room to keep him out of there. Poor baby ran for cover twice heading into Ryan's room and bonked his head on the door! Anyway he now is very happy with my room as his main station and yesterday when I had to head to work, I moved his litter box and his food and water into my room so he didn't have to venture out so far. When I got him he had gone into my bathroom and peed on the bathmat and Ryan informed me he had pooped on the bathmat in his bathroom.

Well upon thinking about it I thought poor little guy, not only did I move his litter box around but he probably wasn't used to that kind of litter either. Probably was used to the clay type. So when I fed him and after he had eaten a bit I moved his litter box into my bathroom where he had peed on the mat and I took him a couple of times and scratched his little paws in there and then awhile later I noticed him in there and he used the pan. He's used it a few more times since as well so I guess we have that under control now!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Finding Nemo

I was recently separated from my husband and I moved to an apartment with my youngest son who is 27. We had to leave our dogs behind as they were too large for the apartment. My husband has kept the dogs and I do see them.

My son and I decided we would get a kitten for the apartment rather than a small dog. We both are cat lovers and a kitten is easier living on the 3rd floor of an apartment. I also thought an aquarium would be nice. I've had one years ago and enjoyed it alot. Now was a good time to get back into having one.

So today my friend Lynnie and I went to the flea market on the hunt for a kitten and also an aquarium. We got there and the only kitten near the gate was a beautiful Burmese kitten but the girl wanted $350 for him!! Not what I wanted to pay plus I had decided a short haired kitty would be best and I wanted to get a white one if at all possible.

We continued on and there was a super good deal on an aquarium. Looked to be probaby a 30 gallon tank with a wrought iron stand and all the supplies included gravel, 2 filters, 2 underground filters, pump, artificial plants and rocks etc all for $30 so I said I'd take it and the guy kept it there for us as we continued on.

We went all through the outside area and looked at the plants and stuff and then into the building and all through there and then noticed they had people set up outside on the other side in a pole barn and more beyond so we wandered all through there as well. As we were heading out to the gate to get the car and take it around to the other area to load up the fish tank I noticed a van with the back doors open and a cat carrier inside with a bag of dry cat food sitting on top. I stopped and bent over and peeked in and there were two kittens inside.

A little orange one and a pure white one. I went and found the lady and she came back and gave me the orange one to hold and said this one is $4o and the other is $60. I said I am more interested in the white one, may I see it please. She hesitated and then brought him out and said well I don't really want to sell him and I said $6o because I didn't think you'd want him then. I said well I do want him so $60 is fine. She then said well I would have asked $100 for him actually but I'll let you have him for $70. I said fine after a bit of dickering because there was another lady standing right behind me waiting for her turn to see the kittens and I knew he would be gone if I didn't take him right then and there. So he is mine! He has one blue eye and one green eye and on the way home we decided to call him Nemo because he came with a fish tank lol. Well the same day as the fish tank anyway. See allow me to introduce you to Nemo the newest member of the household. Isn't he adorable!!