Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The litter pan

Nemo is doing great! He is a little bit of a scaredy cat and cries when he can't see us and then when we call him he comes running and then darts under the nearest furniture. He's eating well and that is really the easiest way to catch him. I forgot to ask the lady how old he is but I wouldn't put him any more than 8 weeks if that. He is very tiny and even though I got him kitten chow along with cans of wet food, I am not sure he can manage the kitten chow yet.

When I got him a litter box and litter, Lynne said she found the best litter to be the pine pellets I think they are. So I got that along with a litter box that has a screen in it. 4 pieces that fit into one another and you put the screen part on top, pour in the litter and then when you need to change it you just lift the screen out and the lumps come with it. Works very well from what I can tell so far. When we got home with the litter box and other assorted kitty paraphernalia I ended up putting the kitty pan in the main bathroom because at that point he had taken up residence under Ryan's bed and would venture out into the room to play with a few things or to yell for help so I thought that would be the closest for him.

By that evening I had managed to get him into my room and we shut the door on Ryan's room to keep him out of there. Poor baby ran for cover twice heading into Ryan's room and bonked his head on the door! Anyway he now is very happy with my room as his main station and yesterday when I had to head to work, I moved his litter box and his food and water into my room so he didn't have to venture out so far. When I got him he had gone into my bathroom and peed on the bathmat and Ryan informed me he had pooped on the bathmat in his bathroom.

Well upon thinking about it I thought poor little guy, not only did I move his litter box around but he probably wasn't used to that kind of litter either. Probably was used to the clay type. So when I fed him and after he had eaten a bit I moved his litter box into my bathroom where he had peed on the mat and I took him a couple of times and scratched his little paws in there and then awhile later I noticed him in there and he used the pan. He's used it a few more times since as well so I guess we have that under control now!


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