Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The wild child

Nemo is doing great! He is a little wild man and races around here swinging from the furniture and playing with all his toys. He's decided now that sleeping with me at night is the way to go and he alternates between racing around the bed and sleeping on my head. This morning when I woke up my hair was standing straight up all over the top of my head! I worry that he must be bored and lonely during the day but I think he probably sleeps a good part of the day. He is eating half a small can of food in the morning and half a can in the evening and is starting to eat some of the dry food now. He has had no more potty accidents and in that regard is a good little kitten. He still likes to get up on the desk when I'm on the computer and will walk on the keyboard if I stay on the computer too long but after being put down numerous times, he will let me type for awhile. I'll just add a few pictures from today and leave it at that!


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